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Stepping out of the comfort zone

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Coming out of the comfort zone is about challenging yourself. It is about finding out what you can do rather than what you can’t do even if that initial thought of doing that ‘thing’ turns your stomach upside down and inside out.  It’s about living your life to the fullest.

When I head towards the stretch zone I know there will be a prize at the end of it all. The reward would be to experience that warm sense of satisfaction.

Now how does all this all work for me?   

At the beginning of the week I set aside time to think through an activity that would take me to another level of personal growth. In a very relaxed emotional state I’m able to focus on my needs and my development. The chosen activity has to be something I would not normally do. It has to be safe, ethical and personal to me.

So what have I done over the last few weeks? I’ve accepted a date from a speed dating ‘match’. Now bearing in mind I’d never tried speed dating before this in itself has been a huge ‘out of the comfort zone experience’. I also asked for feedback, by email, after the date!  Normally I would have squirmed at the thought of doing this sort of thing a few months back. I am pleased to say that the comments were constructive and on the whole positive!
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This week was all about not complaining or saying negative things. It can be a challenge when you find that the dishes are still there to be washed up and you can hear the TV blaring away from the sitting room as you try to sleep. I’m re-training my brain to bounce off those negative thoughts quickly. I have, inevitably, had a few slip ups. The idea is to keep this going for the next 7 days. What a challenge!

So as I sit here typing away at my laptop sharing my moments I’m thinking what I could be doing the following week. I’m on a roll!   This is just the beginning of an exciting personal journey. There is no stopping me now!
– Ivona The Relationship Coach

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