It would seem that most people want to find that perfect person, the ‘special one’ who would show them  unconditional love  and who they believe will make them feel ‘whole’ and ‘happy’.   
Happiness starts from within. You can not and should not expect others to make you happy. With the right support through coaching you will gain a greater insight into what you can do for yourself to be ‘whole’ and ‘happy’  way  before finding your ideal match.
I coach clients to become ‘relationship ready’. This is about getting them to  appreciate  who they are, warts included and  to love themselves first  before seeking  to love from another.    As an experienced Life Coach specialising in relationships and dating,  I adapt my style to meet the needs of each client and I provide   an unique and powerful coaching experience.
If you would like to find out more about what I can do to support you please drop me an email on ivonagordon@gmail.com.
Ivona – The Relationship Coach

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